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Introducing; The Eye

An eye, the part of our physiology that allows us to see what’s in front of us… what’s around us. Our ability to simageee affords us the ability to navigate our world by gathering information to inform our decisions, plans and reactions. Use of our intuition, experience and knowledge are all brought together and implemented by the eye to allow us to be effective and efficient. As Hawkeye Electric grows, the need to connect to its valuable employees also grows. In an effort to create a connection to help guide and inform, Hawkeye has developed The Eye. The Eye is a newsletter that will serve as a hub of information and resources. Although The Eye is a web based blog through Hawkeye’s website, it will be distributed to everyone via e-mail. All the newsletters will be archived on the website into categories. As our newsletter grows over time, so will our online archive, providing a valuable resource for information. The Eye’s primary focus will be safety, company information and educational information. However, there are plans to include social components, product highlights and humor. For content ideas and feedback contact the newsletter admin @

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The Eye

Hawkeye Electric Info

10 S. Roosevelt Ave., Chandler, AZ 85226

Phone: 480.784.6800

Fax: 480.784.6860

AZ Registrar of Contractors Licenses:

AZ ROC A-17 297718, C-11 151297

Insurance Info

Bonding Company – Minard Ames Insurance General Liability/Auto Insurance – USI Insurance Services

Bonding Limits

$12.5MM Single Project / $25MM Aggregate


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