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HD of Scottsdale

Featured Jobsite, Harley Davidson of Scottsdale

Hardison/Downey Construction and Hawkeye Electric are building what will be the largest Harley Davidson dealership in the world, yep… the world. The Daytona Fl dealership is 109,000 square feet and Red Rock Harley-Davidson in Las Vegas is 104,000 square feet. This new Scottsdale Harley will be 146,000 s.f., the average Walmart store is about 100,000 square feet.

The Dealership will house a wedding chapel and a tattoo parlor, among other fantastic features. This Dealership will likely be a destination for the droves of Harley enthusiasts.  The GC’s contract value is $18MM (approx.). Pat Tilton is at the helm of this exciting project for Hawkeye and Dave Misener is the machine at the scene. Hardison/Downey will be going for TC of O in late September, 2015


  “…you guys (Hawkeye Electric) should be proud of Dave Misener.  With all the changes that have happened over the course of this project, if we hadn’t had Dave out here we definitely would be much further behind.”

-Hardison/Downey’s Superintendent, Glen McCune

Jennabear Car Show

Hawkeye is sponsoring an auto show being put on by The JENNABEARS Foundation. JENNAimageBEARS is a nonprofit dedicated to helping children and families during tragic and traumatic times. Their main focus is providing Jennabears, soft and cuddly teddy bears, to children in hospitals, crisis nurseries, and shelters all over. They have many more projects that truly make a difference as well. In addition to providing gifts for the raffle, Hawkeye will show a couple cars. So come out to the Peoria Sports Complex for the 8th annual car show, April 25th between 9am and 2pm, and help Hawkeye support a genuinely worthwhile charity. While you are there, you’ll be able to enjoy rides, vendors, music, food, exhibits, raffles and of course cars. Speaking of cars, Hawkeye will be showing two wicked rides, a 472hp Camaro SS and a 330hp Audi A7. It’s worth the trip just to see these two modern marvels. Don’t forget to bring a new unopened toy (no stuffed animals) to receive a FREE raffle ticket.

Find and Like JENNABEAR on Facebook Here

and visit their website Here


Go Broncos

As a son, when I accomplish something that I know will make my father proud, I am filled with joy. To get that pat on the back, hug or approving nod is irreplaceable. Not being a father (yet), I can only imagine the pride and happiness of watching your son achieve his goals. Tonight we can tune in to watch one of our own’s son make his father exceptionally proud. Parker GallegosParker_Gallegos , a former Hawkeye employee and Troy Gallegos’s son, will be pitching for the UTPA Broncos. Watch Parker and his team take on the #1 ranked TCU Horned Frogs on Fox Sports tonight.  Check your local tv listings to find the game and join a proud father and coworker root on his son. Congratulations Parker and… GO BRONCS!

March of Greatness

March 5 will go down as a proud day in Hawkeye History. On that day Mark, Pete and Pat pulled out a huge win at the IECA cook-off competition. Sure, the decision to cook scallops was considered by most as certain death. Wrapping those scallops in bacon… crazy?… yes, crazy like a fox. The delicate scallops searing under the violent heat of the grill. The bacon’s smokey and robust flavors constantly threatening and posturing to get a stranglehold and completely overpower the dish. The dance between perfect flavor and total ruination continued, at some point the lines between the two became so blurred it was impossible to discern which was wrapped in what. Only a complete mastery of the grill could rein this complex dish in. Once that magical moment arrived, the scallops where snatched off the heat and plated. Knowing that the competition was quite formidable, having the perfect scallops was not going to garauntee a victory this day. Asparagus and spinach are solid contributors,  but are they enough to push Hawkeye’s dish to the top of the heap? Maybe, but we aren’t in this for maybes. Fortune favors the bold, on March 5th, that bold was a Sriracha sauce. From the moment that the drizzle of sauce started  flowing, a ribbon of flavor snaking it’s way around and over the scallops, the foregone conclusion was… victory.

Not only did Hawkeye recieve 1st place in the food competition, we were 1st in funds raised for IECA.  The day was a giant success, we gained some valuable street cred and publicity for our company. We all know how great Hawkeye Electric is, but nothing feels better than going out and proving it. Thank you to all involved in the March 5th mopping, but more importantly, thank you to everyone that goes out there and represents Hawkeye as a top company everyday.




Championship Boxing

Making good splices is a key component to our work, and one of the most important facets of the splice is the junction box. While most will never admit it, we’ve all made the occasional box faux pas. Exceeding the box capacity by a couple wires or making an extremely short wire work is vastly different then the installations in this gallery of fails.




Arc Flash Class

An arc flash is a phenomenon where an electric current leaves its intended path and travels through the air from one conductor to another, or to ground. The results are often violent and when personnel is in close proximity to the arc flash, serious injury and even death can occur. On Saturday March 28, there is going to be a free NFPA 70E Arc Flash class. Some of the things covered will be:




  • What is and what are the results from an Arc Flash
  • Approach / Protection Boundaries
  • Ways to Protect yourself


This Valuable training class will be held at Border Sates Electric. If you are interested in attending, please contact Keith Shay.


Call to Action… Retraction

Excitement was burning up the keyboards as Pete and The Eye were dreaming up this event for Hawkeye’s finest. In our minds’ eye, we pictured a highly competitive battle as onlookers cheered and raised their libations in celebration. A champion would be crowned and hoisted onto the shoulders of his co workers. The victor would battle in the name of Hawkeye, at the great battle, for supremacy. “Write it up, spread the word… this is gonna be awesome.” Smash cut to now. I am trying to find a way to present a retraction. Should it be humorous? Serious? Apologetic? It started out like:

What we have is a great example of the need for proper planning. When a job or task is set into motion without taking time to think it through, mistakes are almost a guarantee.

While I completely believe this, it feels a bit heavier than it should. We got excited, it’s a great pleasure to provide our Employees with fun opportunities. In our elation, we didn’t get all the information on the imageevent. The two stumbling blocks were:

  • Getting a suitable Wire Off booth built at the shop in a timely manner.
  • Not being eligible to participate at the actual Wire Off. Participation is limited and we do not qualify.


So, there you have it.  We will not be holding a Wire Off competition this year.  However, stay tuned for more exciting opportunities… don’t worry, we don’t plan on retracting ALL of them.



Are you good? Wanna prove it?

IMG_0803Hawkeye is looking for someone to represent them in the 2015 12th annual IEC Wire off. Do you have the goods? Come on, you know you can do it… now is the time to prove it. On February 20 at 3pm, we will have a head to head competition at the shop to determine who will be Hawkeye’s represenitive at the Wire Off. If you are interested, give Pete a call @ 602-696-4402 or write to him @ We are limiting the competition to the first 10, so don’t wait, claim your spot today. If you know someone on your crew that ‘has what it takes’, sign him up. For the rest of you, come on down to the warehouse on Friday the 20th and watch your co workers battle it out for the honor to represent Team Hawk.  Let’s get Team Hawk on the board!


Introducing; The Eye

An eye, the part of our physiology that allows us to see what’s in front of us… what’s around us. Our ability to simageee affords us the ability to navigate our world by gathering information to inform our decisions, plans and reactions. Use of our intuition, experience and knowledge are all brought together and implemented by the eye to allow us to be effective and efficient. As Hawkeye Electric grows, the need to connect to its valuable employees also grows. In an effort to create a connection to help guide and inform, Hawkeye has developed The Eye. The Eye is a newsletter that will serve as a hub of information and resources. Although The Eye is a web based blog through Hawkeye’s website, it will be distributed to everyone via e-mail. All the newsletters will be archived on the website into categories. As our newsletter grows over time, so will our online archive, providing a valuable resource for information. The Eye’s primary focus will be safety, company information and educational information. However, there are plans to include social components, product highlights and humor. For content ideas and feedback contact the newsletter admin @

Sincerely yours,

The Eye

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