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March 5 will go down as a proud day in Hawkeye History. On that day Mark, Pete and Pat pulled out a huge win at the IECA cook-off competition. Sure, the decision to cook scallops was considered by most as certain death. Wrapping those scallops in bacon… crazy?… yes, crazy like a fox. The delicate scallops searing under the violent heat of the grill. The bacon’s smokey and robust flavors constantly threatening and posturing to get a stranglehold and completely overpower the dish. The dance between perfect flavor and total ruination continued, at some point the lines between the two became so blurred it was impossible to discern which was wrapped in what. Only a complete mastery of the grill could rein this complex dish in. Once that magical moment arrived, the scallops where snatched off the heat and plated. Knowing that the competition was quite formidable, having the perfect scallops was not going to garauntee a victory this day. Asparagus and spinach are solid contributors, but are they enough to push Hawkeye’s dish to the top of the heap? Maybe, but we aren’t in this for maybes. Fortune favors the bold, on March 5th, that bold was a Sriracha sauce. From the moment that the drizzle of sauce started flowing, a ribbon of flavor snaking it’s way around and over the scallops, the foregone conclusion was… victory.

Not only did Hawkeye recieve 1st place in the food competition, we were 1st in funds raised for IECA. The day was a giant success, we gained some valuable street cred and publicity for our company. We all know how great Hawkeye Electric is, but nothing feels better than going out and proving it. Thank you to all involved in the March 5th mopping, but more importantly, thank you to everyone that goes out there and represents Hawkeye as a top company everyday.

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