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Welcome to Hawkeye Electric’s website.  We’ve done our best to include comprehensive information about who we are, what we do, and how we do it.  If you have any questions when you’re done checking it out, feel free to give us a call for more information or to schedule a meeting.

Here at Hawkeye, we’re a closely-knit group of experienced electrical professionals who enjoy collaborating on electrical design, new construction, remodels, and facility maintenance. 

With relentless focus on customer satisfaction, our #1 goal on every project is to identify and understand the clients’ needs and prepare & execute a plan to surpass their highest expectations.  We are effective and efficient project managers and tradesmen who communicate openly with honesty, trust, and integrity as the principles that guide us along the way. 

Since our beginning in 1999, this commitment to service has helped Hawkeye grow to become one of the top electrical contractors in the State of Arizona with a solid reputation for dependability, performance, and affordable pricing.


Below is a list of our major services. At Hawkeye Electric, providing top-notch service is our #1 goal and the reason our customers keep coming back to us time and time again. The versatility and wide-ranging experience of Team Hawk lays the groundwork for providing them the best service available, cultivating relationships built on trust, performance, and success. Please give us a call to discuss your project today.



Unlike tenant improvements and remodel projects, ground-up construction requires skilled, experienced field supervision well trained in best practices for civil construction including trenching, and trench shoring, scaffolding, confined space work, fall protection, and many others.  Hawkeye provides its personnel with all the training necessary to exceed OSHA requirements for new construction.

Successful management of the electrical trade on ground-up construction projects also requires experience in coordinating the needs and designs of multiple utility companies involved in the project. Examples include right-of-way improvements, traffic signaling, primary power to the site, adding transformers & switching cabinets, street lighting modifications & additions, easement dedications, relocation of overhead power lines to new underground duct banks, telecommunications lines, fiber optics duct banks, etc.


Hawkeye averages approximately $4MM annual revenue doing tenant improvements and remodel projects. Hawkeye’s service department maintains 8 fully stocked service vans to serve the greater Phoenix Area and the State of Arizona. The company is a competitively priced option for even the smallest remodel projects.  At the opposite end of the spectrum, the company has also completed tenant improvement projects in excess of 100,000 s.f.

Hawkeye Electric is pleased to offer its customers IR thermal scanning services.  IR thermal scanning measures the infrared energy of an object and produces a visual image representing the temperature profile.  When used as an equiupment diagnostic tool, it is a quick and easy way to locate and address problems.  IR thermal scanning is non-invasive and offers minimal disruption to equipment and personnel, in most instances the equipment being inspected does not need to be de-energized.

Infrared electrical inspections find hot spots caused by defects in connections and components.  Infrared thermography is used to find areas of excess heat (caused by increased resistance) so problems can be corrected before a component fails, causing damage to the component, creating safety hazards and loss of productivity.  Because increased heating is a precursor to electrical equipment failure, infrared is the best diagnostic tool available for finding these hot connections in the early stages of degeneration.  This is why your insurance company may have asked for an electrical infrared inspection, to find and prevent problems before they cause damage to your personnel, equipment, and facility.

Infrared inspections are beneficial by providing real time data to determine defects that can lead to equipment failure.  IR thermal inspection programs can provide a quick return on investment (“ROI”) through preventative maintenance, reduced downtimes, and protection of adjacent equipment.  IR thermal scanning also provides a documented history for specific electrical equipment and its operating conditions.

Hawkeye Electric can scan electrical cabinets and components and survey multiple wires/connections.  This scanning process produces an instant picture of potential trouble areas, effectively finding problem areas and repairing them before a real problem occurs.  The most common pieces of electrical equipment inspected include fuses, splices, motors, starters, electrical panels, transformers, bolted connections, and switchgear.

In addition to diagnosing problems, Hawkeye Electric provides customers with Before & After images to document the problem as well as show proof of repair performed.  Please feel free to contact Hawkeye with any questions you may have about this service.  Hawkeye looks forward to working with you on your next project!


  • Loose/deteriorated connections
  • Overloads
  • Open circuits
  • Unbalanced loads
  • Inductive heating
  • Harmonics
  • Defective equipment


level 1 tech frield report1

Hawkeye holds multiple Job Order Contracts, including:

  1. 1GPA (1 Government Procurement Alliance) Job Order Contract for on-call Electrical Services.
  2. Arizona Department of Administration On-Call Electrical Services – State of AZ Regions 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, and 7.
  3. City of Phoenix Parks & Recreation Department Electrical Job Order Contracting Services
  4. Cox Communications
  5. Harrahs Entertainment

Frequently, public agencies and private companies that have changing needs resulting in numerous small projects resort to utilizing multi-year Job Order Contracts (“JOC”) to cut down on the paperwork process. Hawkeye is a contract holder for numerous JOC Contracts with clients including the City of Phoenix, Arizona Department of Administration,, and Cox Communications. Having a pre-existing contract in place helps the Owner source the work quickly to expedite completion. As an example, Hawkeye performs approximately 15 projects a month for Cox Communications and 5 projects a month for Harrahs Entertainment, both under multi-year JOC Contracts.

As opposed to the traditional Design/Bid/Build approach to developing property, many Owners are opting to pursue alternative delivery methods to speed up or otherwise improve the process of developing property. Some examples of alternative delivery methods include Design/Build, Design/Assist, and Construction Manager at Risk.

Most alternative delivery methods include inviting the contractor’s participation during design, rather than after completion of design. Hawkeye excels in this environment and participates in projects of this nature on a daily basis. Hawkeye utilizes REVIT Building Information Modeling software to correspond and interface with the project Architect and Engineers. Utilization of REVIT eliminates clashes between building systems and identifies opportunities for more efficient use of limited space in building design.

What are LED lights and why they are the latest craze for quality lighting? A Light Emitting Diode (LED) is a semiconductor device. When a fitting voltage is applied across the ends of a semiconductor, it releases displaced photons and energy in the form of light, through a phenomenon called bioluminescence. This process makes these light fittings very different from your incandescent bulbs, which have a tungsten filament inside them. When electric current passes through the normal incandescent bulb, the tungsten filament heats up until it begins to emit light. This means a lot of energy is wasted trying to heat up the bulb first, so that it emits energy. This also can cause significant heat gain in your building. This is not the case with LED Lighting, which thus makes it much more efficient. Today’s LED bulbs can be six to seven times more energy efficient and cut energy consumption by more than 80%. LED Lights are also longer lasting and can be made into contemporary designs, which is making them increasingly popular in the electric lighting market.

Some LED facts:

  1. Good-quality LED bulbs can have a useful life of 25,000 hours or more — meaning they can last more than 25 times longer than traditional light bulbs.
  2. Unlike incandescent bulbs — which release 90 percent of their energy as heat — LEDs use energy far more efficiently with little wasted heat.
  3. From traffic lights and vehicle brake lights to TVs and display cases, LEDs are used in a wide range of applications because of their unique characteristics, which include compact size, ease of maintenance, resistance to breakage, and the ability to focus the light in a single direction instead of having it go every which way.
  4. LEDs contain no mercury, and a recent Energy Department study determined that LEDs have a much smaller environmental impact than incandescent bulbs. They also have an edge over compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) that’s expected to grow over the next few years as LED technology continues its steady improvement.
  5. Between 2011 and 2012, global sales of LED replacement bulbs increased by 22 percent while the cost of a 60-watt equivalent LED bulb fell by nearly 40 percent. By 2030, it’s estimated that LEDs will account for 75 percent of all lighting sales.
  6. In 2012, about 49 million LEDs were installed in the U.S. — saving about $675 million in annual energy costs. Switching entirely to LED lights over the next two decades could save the U.S. $250 billion in energy costs, reduce electricity consumption for lighting by nearly 50 percent and avoid 1,800 million metric tons of carbon emissions.
  7. The useful life of LED lighting products is defined differently than that of other light sources, such as incandescent or CFL. This is because LEDs typically do not “burn out” or fail. Instead, they experience lumen depreciation, where the amount of light produced decreases and light color appearance can shift over time. Instead of basing the useful life of an LED product on the time it takes for 50% of a large group of lamps to burn out (as is the case with traditional sources), LED product “lifetime” is set based on a prediction of when the light output decreases 30 percent.
Ground Up Construction
Tenant Improvements and Remodels
Preventative Maintenance
Job Order and IDIQ Contracting
Alternative Delivery Methods
Energy Efficiency Studies and Upgrades
LED Lighting and Retrofits
Photovoltaic Design & Installation


The Strength of the team is each member. The Strength of each member is The Team
Matt Geerdes
Purchasing Dept. Manager

Jim Myers
General Superintendent

Ann Paulson
Project Coordinator

Rick Persig
Project Estimator/Manager

Paul Pires
Logistical Engineering

Mike Roth
Service Department Mgr

Mark Shaw Sr.
Project Estimator/Manager

Mark Shaw
Vice President of Operations

Keith Shay
Corporate Safety Director

Janice Silva
Administrative Assistant

Judy Tilton
Office Manager

Pat Tilton
Chief Executive Officer

Pete Trowbridge

Matt White
Project Estimator/Manager


Below we’ve included information on a few representative projects to help convey to you the versatility and wide-ranging experience of Team Hawk. Come back to this section of our website regularly as it is constantly being updated with our new successfully-completed projects. Please give us a call so we can discuss adding your project to the list.

Northern AZ Univ - Student Academic Services Building

Project Details
Start: Aug, 2014 Completion: Est - Sep, 2015 General Contractor: Hardison Downey Electrical Contract Value: $2.1MM Delivery Method: Design/Bid/Build
Project Description

Construction of a new 93,378 sq. ft. Student Academic Services Building on the campus of Northern Arizona University. The four-level building will house Admissions, Office of the Registrar, Financial Aid, Student Accounts, Lumberjack Mathematics Center, faculty offices and a 154-seat auditorium for student events.

Riverview Toyota

Project Details
Start: Jan, 2010 Completion: Aug, 2010 General Contractor: Sahara Electrical Contract Value: $750K Delivery Method: Design/Bid/Build
Project Description

With over 30 car dealerships on its resume, Hawkeye is proud of the Riverview Toyota Dealership as yet one more example of the company's ability to successfully design, plan, and execute this complex type of development. Completed in just 8 months, Hawkeye's planning and scheduling helped bring this project in one month ahead of schedule.

Welton Border Crossing Station

Project Details
Start: Jun, 2010 Completion: Jan, 2012 General Contractor: Okland Construction Electrical Contract Value: $4.4MM Delivery Method: Design/Build
Project Description

New border patrol station in Wellton, AZ to support 375 agents. Facility includes multiple buildings on a single site. The primary building is the station building, including offices, quiet room, training, detention, and exercise/locker room area. The second building is a maintenance facility for vehicles and electronic gear. Other buildings on the site are essentially canopies that shelter a vehicle fueling operation and a vehicle clean and wash operation.

John M. Roll US Federal Courthouse

Project Details
Start: Jul, 2011 Completion: Apr, 2013 General Contractor: Sundt Construction Electrical Contract Value: $3.1MM Delivery Method: Design/Build
Project Description

2-Story 57,000 s.f. building. Includes judges' chambers, detention cells, and administrative areas for the federal courts and the U.S. Marshals Service, as well as two courtrooms, one for Bankruptcy Courts, and the other for District Courts. Hawkeye's scope included electrical, fire alarm, emergency power systems, photovoltaic system, and a complete special systems infrastructure including security, communications, controls, and audio/video.

View Website

Downtown Phoenix Housing - Roosevelt Point Apartments

Project Details
Start: Apr, 2012 Completion: Sep, 2013 General Contractor: Hardison Downey Electrical Contract Cost: $3.2MM
Project Description

New urban-design, mixed-use development including 609 beds within 326 units in a variety of studio, one-, two-, three- and four-bedroom apartments on a 4.83-acre site. Amenities in the two (2) cast-in-place and post tension towers (an eight-story and seven-story) include two (2) clubhouses totaling 7,000 SF, tanning and fitness facilities, WiFi and Internet access, swimming pools, study lounges, computer labs and a 159,400 SF five-story parking garage with more than 400 spaces. One of the residential buildings offers 7,500 SF of retail space at the street level. The project was designed to appeal to older students and young professionals affiliated with Arizona State University’s downtown campus, University of Arizona’s College of Medicine and the Phoenix Biomedical Campus.


Project Details
Start: Aug, 2012 Completion: Dec, 2012 General Contractor: Willmeng Construction, Inc. Electrical Contract Value: $851K Delivery Method: Design/Bid/Build
Project Description

The new state-of-the-art corporate headquarters building for Infusionsoft includes employee amenities such as a library, game room, football field/sports court, lactation room, quiet rooms, and an outdoor patio/grill area. Open architecture invites close collaboration and serves to inspire the Infusionsoft team to work together with flexible open huddle areas. Idea paint allows employees to write directly on walls throughout the building, eliminating the need for white boards. Exposed industrial finishes and bare material were used as a design aspect to give this contemporary space a chic industrial feel. The building also boasts a large training room, recording studio, and auditorium. The 250-person auditorium will become the training center for small businesses in Arizona to get the tools and education to help power their success.

Vista Del Sol - Arizona State University Campus Housing

Project Details
Start: Feb, 2007 Completion: Jan, 2008 General Contractor: Hardison Downey Electrical Contract Value: $4.87MM Delivery Method: Design/Bid/Build
Project Description

Vista del Sol provides a unique on-campus living experience for 1,866 students in the South Neighborhood. The community features private or shared accommodations in furnished apartment-style units. At the center of the 10-building community is a 23,000 sq. ft. community center featuring a club-style fitness center, social lounge, game room and movie theater. Adjoining the community center is a resort-style swimming pool with a large sundeck, outdoor lounge areas, basketball and sand volleyball courts.

Central Christian Church

Project Details
Start: Jun, 2006 Completion: Feb, 2007 General Contractor: MTV Construction Electrical Contract Value: $2.76MM Delivery Method: Design/Bid/Build
Project Description

Worship Center to seat 1,200, 2 Buildings to serve kids from birth through 6th grade, a student building for 7th grade through 12th grade, a prayer garden, Central Café, Central Bookstore, splash pad, and extensive courtyards and common areas. Property size: 155 acres, of which only 30 are developed.

Screen Shot 2014-08-19 at 4.22.05 PMLaunch Video

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Dust Devil Park

Project Details
Start: 2009 Completion: 2009 General Contrator: City of Phoenix Electrical Contract Value: $400K Delivery Method: Design/Bid/Build
Project Description

The 15-acre park boasts a skate park, a splash pad, a lighted basketball court, walking and exercise paths, a playground with separate play areas for younger and older kids, open grassy areas, a restroom, security lighting, more than 300 trees and solar-paneled picnic ramadas. Electricity generated by the solar panels helps to offset the park’s electricity costs. The park cost $5million and was funded with proceeds from the Parks and Preserve Initiative

Gila River Headstart Facility

Project Details
Start: Oct, 2012 Completion: Oct, 2013 General Contractor: Rock Gap Engineering Delivery Method: CM@Risk
Project Description

40,000 s.f. masonry and steel building including 8 classrooms, multi-purpose room, and administrative and ancillary spaces. Electrical scope included solar site lighting and LED lighting of parking canopies. Hawkeye's involvement in this project started during preconstruction with budget estimating and value engineering services.

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Sprouts - Prescott Valley

Project Details
Start: Dec, 2013 Completion: Jun, 2014 General Contractor: Campbell Development Electrical Contract Value: $300K Delivery Method: Design/Bid/Build
Project Description

The Prescott Valley Sprouts is Hawkeye's 3rd Sprouts facility completed in Arizona. Hawkeye's scope included all electrical and fire alarm, coordinating with the Owner and developer to receive & install the Owner-furnished lighting fixture package. Like the other Sprouts projects, the Prescott Valley Sprouts was completed on time and within budget.

Sky Harbor Terminal 3 Parking Garage LED Lighting Upgrade

Project Details
Start: Oct, 2012 Completion: Aug, 2013 General Contractor: Sun Eagle Construction Electrical Contract Value: $1.9MM Delivery Method: CM@Risk
Project Description

Upgrade parking garage lighting from fluorescent to LED. Work included removal & replacement of fixtures (1,363 fixtures in garage plus other fixtures in lobby, stairwells, etc.), installation of new electrical system backbone (new service entrance section and panelboards), elevator lobby lighting, stairwell lighting, and new LED pole lights on the top levels.

Luke AFB Design/Build Electrical IDIQ Task Orders

Project Details
Start: Oct, 2012 Completion: Ongoing General Contractor: FMCI/RGE Joint Venture Partnership Electrical Contract Value: Multiple Task Orders from $5K to $3MM Delivery Method: IDIQ
Project Description

Sole source supplier of design/build electrical services in support of $50MM IDIQ Contract for Electrical design/build services. In this role, Hawkeye has represented the general contractor interfacing directly with federal contracting officers to determine scope, create schematic designs, and prepare coefficient-modified Means-based estimates for use by the USAF as documentation supporting the issuance of Design/Build Electrical Task Orders.

AMARG - Davis Monthan Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Group High Bay Hangar

Project Details
Start: Nov, 2011 Completion: Jun, 2014 General Contractor: Okland Construction Electrical Contract Value: $3.3MM Delivery Method: Design/Build
Project Description

Design/Build Hangar facility at Davis Monthan. Prevalent electrical aspects of the project completed by Hawkeye include: Primary and secondary distribution power, emergency backup generator power, uninterruptible power supplies, automated interior lighting systems, and connection to the base's EMCS system.

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Bell Lexus

Project Details
Start: Dec, 2012 Completion: Dec, 2013 General Contractor: Johnson Carlier Electrical Contract Value: $1.6 MM Delivery Method: Design/Bid/Build
Project Description

Bell Lexus North Scottsdale is a new 102,895 SF full service automotive dealership. Includes a state of the art two story service department with 59 service bays and display parking deck on upper floor, with full-service car wash, detail bays, and fueling station. The project is LEED Certified with maximized energy efficiency.


Without fail, Hawkeye has always been ranked as one of the best subcontractors on these and other projects they have completed with McCarthy. Their foremen are experienced, knowledgeable, and professional. Their project managers are prompt, thorough, and proactive.

-  Steve Poulin, Project Director, McCarthy Building Companies

Throughout the relationship, I have always found the Hawkeye Team to be professional, courteous, thorough, results oriented, and quick to respond with valuable input. They are very experienced in means and methods regarding electrical construction. Based on my experience, I am happy to give Hawkeye Electric my highest recommendation as a quality contractor to service any electrical contract.

- James Sowden, Contracting Officer, 56th Contracting Squadron, Luke Air Force Base

Since first executing the contract in 2010, Cox has issued Hawkeye an average of approximately 15 task orders per month for electrical service and remodel projects throughout Cox facilities statewide. Hawkeye has never failed to meet Cox’s expectations in their performance under this contract. We are happy to give them our highest recommendation as a service-oriented contractor specializing in Job Order Contracting.

-  Mark Barkman, Project Manager, Cox Communications

In addition to being prompt, thorough, and precise in their execution of the electrical construction, they were also helpful with the design. Their commitment to overall service as a team partner really sets them apart from the majority of other electrical contractors I've worked with over the years.

- Garry Melton, Project Manager, GRIC Tribal Projects

"We rely on them repeatedly because we know we can always count on a prompt, thorough response; reasonable pricing; and unsurpassed level of service.  Hawkeye always staffs our projects with consummate professionals in the electrical trade, supported with the resources and tools to get the job done on schedule."

- James Murphy, President, Willmeng Construction, Inc.


Hawkeye is Committed to its' Employees. Team Hawk Emphasizes Continuing Education and Training in Best Practices for Electrical Construction.

Upcoming Schedule for Hawkeye In-House Best Practices Training Program, Spring of 2019:  Schedule Update Pending

4-Year Apprenticeship Program – Fall, 2018 Participants:   Bryce Bishop, Michael Vest, Nicholas Chavez, Bradley Hamilton, Hansel Briseno, Scott Hudspeth, Gerardo Martinez, Bryan Mujica, Alex Peralta, Marc Walther, Eddie Nelson, and David Cordova .  Way to go, Team!  Fall grades just posted and Team Hawk got five 9 A’s, 3 B’s, and 1 C.  Hawkeye Electric is happy to continue reimbursing for tuition and books under the tuition reimbursement program for these dedicated individuals.  Time to start preparing for spring.  2019 is rapidly approaching.  Interested in furthering your education in the electrical trade?  Contact Pete Trowbridge or Keith Shay to learn more about how to enroll in the program.



“Since starting in the field as a Apprentice with Hawkeye back in 2001, I have moved up the ranks to Journeyman, then Foreman, and now up into the role of Estimator & Project Manager. Along the way, I have taken advantage of a number of courses and supplemental training opportunities offered by Hawkeye.  Examples include 2005 NEC code update training, a Soares Grounding & Bonding NEC-2008, introduction to basic Motor Controls & Ladder Logic class, and general OJT experience provided by the Company’s experienced Foremen, Superintendent, and Project Managers.  This training has been instrumental in helping me continue to grow with the company and expand my knowledge of the electrical trade.” 

-Gabe Diaz, Project Manager



“I joined Team Hawk in January of 2006 as a foreman with over 20 years of electrical experience.  Since that time, Hawkeye has encouraged me to continue my electrical education and training, sponsoring my attendance in numerous classes and workshops including 2008 and 2011 code refresher courses, OSHA 10-HR safety class, various equipment certifications, and most recently, a sponsored Ideal Meter class.  These opportunities have reinforced my electrical knowledge and helped me stay up-to-date on emerging means and methods to pass along to our up-and-coming apprentices and journeymen in the in-house training program I oversee for Hawkeye.  In our weekly classes, I teach topics including tool safety, recognition, and use; basic electrical such as installing electrical boxes, conduit bending, installation of can lighting, troffers, and LED lighting.  We also teach how to read and understand construction documents, wire colors, and wire installation; trying to instill that we are not just installers of electrical items, but rather we are skilled craftsmen and women.  Springboarding off my experience as an in-house instructor for Hawkeye’s Apprenticeship Training Program, I have gained the confidence to go out into the community and teach our next generation of electricians at Metro Tech High School.  I believe it’s important to remain committed to continued education no matter how young or old, green or wise, one might be.  We never stop learning and I couldn’t be happier to work with a company like Hawkeye that provides its employees with the tools and opportunity to do so.”

- Troy Gallegos, Project Foreman


I started with Hawkeye Electric in August of 2002.   During my career, Hawkeye has afforded me the opportunity to increase my knowledge and abilities by providing ongoing training, classes and seminars that keep me current in the latest technology and installation methods in our industry. I have benefited from both company sponsored courses and certifications, as well as tuition reimbursement for continued education on my own. The safety of all employees at Hawkeye is the highest priority and it is a job we all take very seriously. I have taken both the OSHA 10 and 30 hour classes and am certified in CPR and First Aid. These courses have helped me to ensure the safety of our crews and to teach them to identify potential hazards in the workplace. In the unlikely event of an incident, I have the knowledge and confidence to render aid when needed. The use of equipment is an everyday task in our line of work and training by a manufacturer authorized representative is provided for all employees prior to use. Hawkeye has provided me with current certification to operate many types of equipment common to the construction industry.

Hawkeye also provides courses that are necessary for the completion of job specific tasks. I had a project that required numerous medium voltage splices so several crew members were trained by the cable manufacturer in the proper method of splicing their cable. Another example of job specific training that was needed for a project was for setting large concrete vaults. The company sent several members of the crew to become certified riggers. This was very important to the safety of the crew. Many of our projects today include solar installation. I have received training from several of the equipment manufacturers on the installation of their products.

I cannot possibly list all of the training that I have received in my years at Hawkeye, but this should give insight on how important it is to the management to maintain a safe and qualified workforce that all of our employees can be proud of. I am proud to be a member of “Team Hawk”.

- John Callow, Project Foreman



” Continuing education is the key to success for anyone in the electrical trade.  Since taking a 2 year electrical diploma course in 2002, I have taken numerous other classes to expand my electrical knowledge and stay up to date on new technologies.  Since joining Hawkeye Electric in 2010, I have been able to continue pursuing my education with classes sponsored by Hawkeye.  Some examples of these classes are,  Industrial electrical wiring 2011, Introduction to Motor Controls 2012, and most recently NFPA 70E Electrical Safety: Arc Flash training. This classroom education throughout my career has given me the knowledge to pass the State of Wisconsin Master Electricians Exam and is one of the primary reasons I was promoted from service technician to foreman, and now to service manager.  Hawkeye Electric encourages and sponsors this type of education for all its employees and also provides in house training with weekly classes led by one of our top foremen. This focus on education and the success of its employees is one of the key factors that makes Hawkeye Electric such a great company.  We are committed to giving our customer the best service possible!” 

- Mike Roth, Service Department Manager





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